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Hello Mike, My name is Eduardo Osorio, I coach water polo at Paramount High in Paramount California. I was looking at your strenght training program, and it looks very good. Also I liked a lot the warm up exercise. You put lot of emphasis in the upper body. iam sorry for my writing, English is my second language. I am from Venezuela. I wondering if you already posted it the water polo Strenght training program -phase II, I believe that in Phase II is about the lower body? I will be using this strenght training program over the summer for my player.
I enjoy your web site.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Eduardo osorio

Thank you for the kind words.

It is very likely that I will be publishing more training programs in the near future.

Thank you for your interest.

Be Well,
Michael Reid

Thank you for the kind words.

I will be publishing more strength / dry-land programs in the near future.

Be Well,
Michael Reid

Thank you for the kind words.

I will be publishing more strength / dry-land programs in the near future.

Be Well,
Michael Reid

Hello Mike, I am Malcolm a player of water polo in France. I wanted to know if it was possible to find pounds on the entrainement of water polo in French?

so yes, or can I buy it? and what would recommend me you?

thank you in advance for your answer and excuse me for errors...


My name is Nenad Minjovic. I am from Serbia. My son, who is 10 years old, practice water polo for almost a year, and before that coached swimming for three years. Water polo trainings are five times a week for two hours, but the exercises on land only once a week and only half an hour. The problem is that he has a little extra fat around the stomach and muscles are weaker on his stomach and legs.I asked for recommendations for some exercises that could be done in addition to water polo training. I found your site very interesting and I see a lot of examples to practice. My question is how the ten-year boy do all such exercises and to what degree. How many times a week. I assume that the dryland warm up exercises, can work each day. Thanks in advance for your response.

Hello Mr. Nenad Minjovic,

Considering the age of your son, I would actually recommend not doing to much more then what he already is. He is playing a lot of Water Polo at his age and he will get stronger just by training the sport and the other training sessions he does with his team.

That being said doing some simple strength exercises like PUSH UPS and CHIN UPS AND BODYWEIGHT SQUATS (like the program above) a few times/week would be OK. Focus on technique, not the load and make it FUN and stress free.

An easier way would be to just play some land sports (example: football, basketball, track and field) to complement his Water Polo training and over all athletic development.

Think long term with your son. It is not what happens in the next month or even the next year but instead is he still playing sport when he is 15, 16, 18, 20 year olds because then by that age he will be a very good Water Polo player if he has been training 5+/week.

Thank You for the question.

Take Care.
Michael Reid, B.HE, CSCS, RKC

Hi Michael

your info is brilliant, im couching a group of players now and want to start implementing your training methods, could you guide me to your website for more tips and vids or anyway of obtaining them


south africa

Hello Jody,

You can also view the articles I have written at http://waterpoloplanet.com plus there are many other authors there with great information on Water Polo.

Take Care,
Michael Reid

What type of strength and conditioning program do you recommend for a 12/13 year old boy to prevent shoulder injuries and build strength? I want to keep those shoulders safe! My son has been playing on a club team that practices three times a week, two hours each time and occasionally goes to swim practice the other two days. He can get up pretty high and has a strong throw, but lately his shot has been off because he says if he extends his arm too high it hurts, so he's been avoiding it and his shots the past couple of weeks end up dead. His sister had major shoulder reconstruction as the result of an injury as a set player when she was 15, so we're trying to avoid repeating our mistakes. I don't want to overwork him either, just strengthen those muscles and tendons to hold those joints in place to prevent injury. Do you have a routine recommendation for this age group?

My son is 12 and has been playing with a water polo club in So Cal since 2010. He has WP practice three times a week, 2 hours each time and occasionally will go to swim practice with the swim team the other two days. He's able to get out of the water


First, if your son is in pain he should see a Sports Dr. for evaluation. When he gets out of pain, performing the exercises in this program is a very good place to start. How you do the exercises is important just like how you throw the ball. Do it poorly and you can end up causing more harm then good.

So to recap:
1. See a Dr.
2. When pain free start on the exercises above (in this post).
3. Work on swimming and throwing technique with his club coaches.

Take Care,
Michael Reid

Hey I'm a water polo player here in Germany. My dad is in the military so I'm on a German team, though I still don't speak any German (I'm trying though). I am not learning to much water polo skills wise just learning how to get beat up by 21 year old semi-pro men. I just turned fifteen and after a game against a recruited Croatian team from Munich whooped me my dad told me I should stop looking so scrawny. Since I'm not learning a lot here I have decided to try to bulk up the next year and a half before I go back to So Cal. I've been doing this workout for about two weeks, about 3 times a week, and don't know if there is anything to add. I was thinking at least something to isolate abs a little more. Any suggestions? Also how many days should I go in the gym a week and also does this seem like a okay plan considering I plan to play in college? What would you do in my unique situation?

Hello Michael, I am a 16 year old girl in water polo. I am wondering what kind of joint strengthening exercises I can do. I am double jointed in my arms and I can hyper-extend my knees, this effects my playing style. I currently have some shoulder and knee problems that I can assume are joint related. I am fine in the water, but when I am out of the water the pressure hurts my joints. If there are any exercises that can help me that'd be awesome! Thank you :)

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