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The Short Version

Michael is an experienced professional physical trainer (strength & conditioning coach) from Canada.

Currently, he has been living in Europe for the past few years with his family and working primarily with youth and professional basketball teams.

Michael has extensive experience working with amateur and professional athletes participating in a variety of sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Golf and Hockey to name a few.

He also has experience working with people with metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes), back pain and other orthopedic conditions.

He writes monthly articles on physical training for Water Polo at

He has had the pleasure and honor of assisting at the 2010 Danish RKC and the 2010 Hungary RKC certification courses.


Summary of Educational Background

  • C.H.E.K Pracitioner Level II & Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level II;; please note: currently, I am no longer affiliated with this program.




updated: Aug 9, 2010