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hey mike great site by the way!
I am 16 years old and am trying to play for a mens waterpolo team at the moment i am being held back by my shot as i cannot get as much speed on it as the men. Is the any type of training or weights that i can do to improve my shots speed?
any help is good thanks

Stick with a basic strength program (e.g. Squats, Push Ups, Chin Ups) and work on your sport skill in the pool with a focus on your legs. Your shot will only be as good as your leg strength & power in the water.

From a more technical perspective, become very good at shooting quick shots (catch and shoot) because it is not only a powerful shot that can be a threat to score but one that is shot quickly (i.e. before the defense has a chance to set up).

Thank you for the question.

Have Fun Training.
Michael Reid

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